Post-election response

Posted By Laurie Richards on November 09, 2016 in Behavior · Blog · Election · Mom · Responding · Values

Our behavior after the recent election will say more about ourselves than anything else.

I recently moved into a community of mean girls. Some of you will relate, so I won’t bore you with the details. Through it all, I continue to ask myself how I should respond. Do I behave as they do? Rude…hurtful…insulting…dismissive…offensive…mean. Or do I behave in the way I believe is morally right?

I opt for the latter. I smile, wave, share a cheery “good morning,” and offer to help when the opportunity presents itself.

Wouldn’t it be hypocritical to do otherwise? I believe it’s important to be nice, welcoming, kind, polite, and respectful. Someone else’s behavior doesn’t give me license to push those values aside.

Is it easy to be polite and respectful to people who don’t reciprocate? No. Some days I want to retaliate, call names, highlight their shortcomings.

Wouldn’t it feel good to ‘show them’? Maybe for a moment, but I would inevitably feel worse later.

Instead, I do what I do because of who I am – not because of who they are.

As a youngster, one day I came home from school upset that another little girl didn’t say “good morning” to me.

Mom: “Did you say ‘good morning’ to her?”
Me: “Yes. But she didn’t say ‘good morning’ back.”
Mom: “Why did you say ‘good morning’?”
Me: “To be nice.”
Mom: “Doesn’t sound to me like you said it to be nice. It sounds to me like you said ‘good morning’ to her so that she would say it to you.” Long pause. “And that’s not really very nice, is it?”

Advantage Mom.

Regardless of your politics, your behavior says who you are. And will it change minds?

Choose your words and actions wisely.



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