Course List: Time Savers


Don’t let the fast-paced environment many of us live in become overwhelming. Learn how to prioritize tasks and uncover the real deadlines, act by design and not just habit, and take control of multiple tasks so that they don’t take control of you. Discover how to plan effectively by mentally mapping out your plans with unexpected contingencies in place. Find realistic ways to defeat procrastination and employ decisive steps that prevent others from imposing their priorities on you. Reveal how to defuse hidden stressors in your work environment that hurt everyone’s productivity and ask for other’s cooperation and help when you need it.

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The average professional reads two hours a day. After this one-day seminar, you can cut that time in half. You'll read more, comprehend more, and remember more. Eliminate that pile of unread material and that long list of untouched e-mails.

Learn easy methods to double your reading speed in one day. Apply a simple process to increase comprehension, and practice user-friendly techniques to commit important information to memory.

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Stress is not going to go away - it's not even going to lessen. Professional survival depends on our ability to effectively function and respond at a fast pace in highly stressful situations.

This seminar is meant for any - and all - who work in highly stressful environments. It's strongly recommended for everyone affected by today's disruptive changes in management, industry, and society.

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