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Everyone needs to get more done in less time and team building has been proven to be an extremely effective way to accomplish this when playing by the rules-both written and unwritten. Discover how these rules affect overall team results, when it is necessary to enforce rules, and when it is better to allow players do things their own way. Additionally, as a manager and coach, you will bring out the strengths in all players, capitalize on opportunities, cover deficiencies, and diminish weaknesses. Learn how to play like a team and not like a group of individuals. Intercept conflict management skills here too as one of the toughest team-building skills you’ll learn, but definitely the most valuable.

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Meetings are identified as the number one time waster for American professionals. Meetings cost time and money. Get the best return on your time and money investment by incorporating the techniques unveiled in this seminar. Your team will learn to host meaningful, productive meetings that come to decisions and take action. And they'll learn to contribute appropriately to creative problem-solving and team-building.

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It's estimated that 80 percent of us would be more productive if we wanted to be. So, how can we motivate others to want to be?

Help people manage their morale and the morale of others through continuous changes in our industries and society. With the high degree of change, employees (and employers) are frustrated trying to find balance, maintain job satisfaction, shift gears, and transition continuously.

This course is not just for managers or supervisors. It is for everyone affected by changes in management, industry and society.

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